Medvedev spoke about a new centre of Moscow: the empty land will be inhabited by officials

 Medvedev spoke about a new centre of Moscow: the empty land will be inhabited by officialsWith land, which will be located in a new state center of Moscow, is not required to evict anyone because no one lives there, said the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on Saturday during a meeting with regional journalists.He noted that the establishment of new borders of Moscow will give the city a new development and, most importantly, will create a more comfortable environment for its residents. The current borders of Moscow, in which the capital is suffocating, laid in the mid-twentieth century, when Moscow was 6 million, and now about fifteen, the President recalled.The decision should be taken at the end of November, when a contract will be signed between Moscow and the Moscow region, then these documents will need to go through local governments, and then there is an appeal to the Federation Council, quoted Medvedev Interfax.He stressed that the process has already acquired a landslide dynamics. After the state structures, business will move to the Moscow region, the present, life in Moscow will be, in my opinion, somewhat easier than it is now, because there will be such a number of cars, " the President said.He explained that although the traffic jams in our city not because of the flashing lights, however, I think things will be much easier.Another idea is to both our citizens and entrepreneurs, guests and investors, including foreign ones, could immediately understand where and why to apply it, because now all the offices are scattered all over Moscow, - said the President.He noted that in this land no one lives, no one will need to evict, now it is empty land and there will be a new national center. In addition, according to him, the spread of Moscow on a large area will give dynamics to the border regions of Moscow, Moscow region and uplift the income of the residents of the Moscow region to the income of Moscow residents.We get the capital, which has potential for development and which combines the advantages of historical Moscow and at the same time, new capital, we do not create Brasilia or Astana, but we create a new part of the capital. I think this is a good solution, " said Medvedev. . Читать полностью -->

30 recruiters from Umarov's Emirate recruited militants in the Volga region officers

Security forces announced that they had suspended the activities of religious cell of the international terrorist organization Caucasus Emirate, which operated in one of the colonies in the Volga region - the extremists recruited new fighters right behind the grille. Arrested about 30 suspects. Their names are not yet known.Among the detainees there are those who are serving a sentence in the present time, and those who had been released earlier, Interfax reported the head of the press service of the MOI of Russia for the Volga Federal district Vasily Kucheruk. According to him, many of the members of the organization, who is serving a sentence, after his release he planned to travel to the North Caucasus and there to fight against the Federal forces.The material makeup of the organization was carried out, including former prisoners who were released earlier, said Kucharek. He told that the development of this extremist cells lasted about a year with the joint efforts of the regional interior Ministry, the Federal penitentiary service and the FSB.According to him, a number of visible leaders organized the supply channel in a correctional institution of literature with extremist content, conducted meetings with prisoners in a prayer room, were involved in the organization of convicts from among those who, as it seemed to the organizers, supports them.According to information GU the Ministry of internal Affairs on Privolzhsky Federal district, the members of the organization during the searches seized about 200 religious books in Arabic, Tatar and Russian languages, including those included in the Federal list of extremist materials. Also seized 40 books with religious content manuscripts, 18 notebooks, computers, electronic media, printed and handwritten sheets of paper with religious content, including instruction for the training of rebels and carrying out sabotage and terrorist acts.Caucasus Emirate is an international terrorist organization, promote ideas of religious extremism (of Jihad), separatism and calls for a change in Russia's existing political system, with the creation of a theocratic Islamic state ruled by Sharia law) by the total of Islamization of the population. Читать полностью -->

Kuraev again commented on the action of Pussy Riot and talked about the theology of hate

 Kuraev again commented on the action of Pussy Riot and talked about the theology of hateNovaya Gazeta published on Wednesday, the lengthy text conversation with a Professor of the Moscow theological Academy, theologian and Orthodox missionary Protodeacon Andrei Kurayev. In this conversation touched upon various topics. A significant part of the interview was devoted to action feminist group Pussy Riot in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, as well as reaction to the punk prayer in the Russian Orthodox Church. Kuraev also voiced the hypothesis, according to him, the current perceptions among experts about the political background of the performances of the girls on the pulpit of the main temple of Russia.Introducing his companion, Novaya Gazeta emphasized that Andrei Kuraev - always independent so displeased with them and in the Church and outside the Church. The publication also recalled that in the spring of this year the scientific Council of the Moscow theological Academy condemned Kuraev for his condescending assessment of the actions of Pussy Riot. Summer in the address of Patriarch Kirill's letter went to ban anti-Church Ministry leader Andrei Kuraev, in connection with his blasphemous activities. Читать полностью -->

Putin's approval rating has declined, but is still sufficient to win in the first round

 Putin's approval rating has declined, but is still sufficient to win in the first roundElectoral rating of Vladimir Putin with 2008 decreased by 16%, according to polls conducted by the Public opinion Foundation. According to surveys, the presentation of which took place on Thursday in Moscow, in 2008, choosing from several candidates, Putin preferred 60%, according to the latest data (survey 25 December) - 44%, reports Interfax.Respondents were asked to answer the question of for whom they would vote in the elections of the President of Russia, if they were attended by Vladimir Putin, Gennady Zyuganov, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Sergei Mironov, Mikhail Prokhorov and Grigory Yavlinsky.On the question of how likely that in the presidential elections in March 2012 they will vote for Putin, 52% of respondents answered positively. 26% said they definitely do, 16% - most likely 10% - probably will vote. 33% said they will not vote for Putin, of these, 20% said they definitely do not, and 6% - and most likely a 6% unlikely to vote.Sociologists have divided into groups of respondents who want to vote for Putin and not going to do. In particular, are often willing to vote for Putin are found among residents of the Siberian Federal district (59%), people with less than secondary education (59%), rural residents, women, residents of the Volga Federal district, the elderly from 65 years (58%) and people whose income is above average (57%).Less willing to vote for Putin found in such groups as people with high incomes (43%), residents of the Central Federal district (40%), respondents with higher education (40%), residents of Moscow, men and people aged 45-54 years (38%).As noted at the presentation, the President of the Public opinion Foundation Alexander Oslon, the decline in Putin's electoral rating over the past year occurred due to migration of men, while women continue to support him. These data are contained in the weekly representative population surveys in 204 locations in 64 regions of the Russian Federation with the participation of 3 thousand respondents.Since 2008 has increased the number of respondents who answered that they will vote in the presidential election for Zyuganov (from 7% to 12%) and Zhirinovsky (from 7% to 11%). Читать полностью -->

The Kremlin has branded Apple store will not be

 The Kremlin has branded Apple store will not beAs it became known to the newspaper RBC daily, Apple has decided not to open in Moscow its branded Apple store. It was assumed that for these purposes Apple intends to hire 1,5 thousand square meters of space in the renovated Four Seasons hotel (former hotel Moscow). Experts believe that Apple deterred by the price of the rental premises, and direct work on the Russian market. Information about the company cancelled plans for the store opening the newspaper received from two sources in business circles. The Apple spokesman declined to comment on the situation.Firm shops of the company are working in 37 countries. According to RBC daily, the main difference from the usual authorized points of sale in Apple that they American novelties company appear at a time and usually for a few months earlier, than in other stores. Читать полностью -->

Recruits of spring 2012 will be to pay more

 Recruits of spring 2012 will be to pay moreRossiyskaya Gazeta - Federal issue 5745 (72)Today, the Russian newspaper published the presidential decree No. 345, which signals the start of spring conscription campaign.From April to mid-July for military service will take 155 570 people. This is almost twenty thousand more of the autumn draft. At first glance, the increase is significant. However, it is worth remembering that exactly one year ago, the military sent troops to the nearly 219 thousand guys. The only thing that confuses - it promises that the last time we heard from the defense Ministry. Читать полностью -->

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